Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello bloggers!

I am sooo sorry to have left you for so long. I was vacationing with my Partner in Crime. We travelled all down the west coast for a total of 5 weeks, and now we are in lovely British Columbia for a few days visiting his parents :)

During our travels I ate lots... of not great food ! lol ... my waistline hasnt suffered to much; however, my body isnt very happy with the lack of nutritional intake of veggies ( I MISS THE VITAMIX). My knee ( or ligament of some sort) is in slight recovery from a snowboard accident that happened months ago, and I now feel it a bit so I cut back on running and am going to rest it up...and order INSANITY!! Has anyone tried it? I hear its great! Also on vacation our exercise has been SLACK. I am not proud of my slacking, but we were sooo busy that it was hard. So I have just started Yoga everyday, and am getting back in the hang of things food wise and exercise!

I missed you all and will be back with LOTS of photos! xoxo

Yo G

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  1. I haven't tried insanity but the teachers I work with have done it...they said it's very similar to p90x so if you've tried that and liked it you probably will like the insanity vids too!