Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello bloggers!

I am sooo sorry to have left you for so long. I was vacationing with my Partner in Crime. We travelled all down the west coast for a total of 5 weeks, and now we are in lovely British Columbia for a few days visiting his parents :)

During our travels I ate lots... of not great food ! lol ... my waistline hasnt suffered to much; however, my body isnt very happy with the lack of nutritional intake of veggies ( I MISS THE VITAMIX). My knee ( or ligament of some sort) is in slight recovery from a snowboard accident that happened months ago, and I now feel it a bit so I cut back on running and am going to rest it up...and order INSANITY!! Has anyone tried it? I hear its great! Also on vacation our exercise has been SLACK. I am not proud of my slacking, but we were sooo busy that it was hard. So I have just started Yoga everyday, and am getting back in the hang of things food wise and exercise!

I missed you all and will be back with LOTS of photos! xoxo

Yo G

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Feel the Burn

Hey Friends,

Happy Saturday! It is soooooo NICE out today, 23 degrees at that ! tanning weather haha. I was so sore from the past 2 days workouts today. Yesterday I did a BIG circuit involving every part of my body it took about 45 mins to an hour of non stop movement with weights, cables, body weight exercises and more. Not to mention I did legs the day prior in a small circuit so I felt sore today .... but you know me, when its nice LACE UP THE SNEAKS, and that is what I did :) I did a whole hour of running around a place called St. Albert. My legs were very sore at the end of the run but sooo worth it I GOT A TAN haha.

I started today with a similar snack to yesterday ( I eat alot of the same stuff what can I say I LOVE FRUIT!) - 1 TBSP CHIA SEEDS, 1/2 CUP FROZEN MIXED BERRIES, 4 STRAWBERRIES, 1 BANANA, 1/2PEAR, with small handful of flaxed flakes and a 1/2 pita with almond butter... IT WAS YUMMY! Great for a pre run:)

After my run I came back and devoured a green drink >

This one had ALOT of spinach, and was a bit thick but I got it down and had energy again! It had 2-3 cups of spinach, 1 apple, 1 kiwi, 1/2 cucumber, lemon juice. This made prob 4 servings, I only drank one. You can refrigerate the rest.

After this I had a glass of almond milk, with the other half pita and almond butter ( I AM ADDICTED) I didn't take a pic sorry :( G and I went for a walk downtown to enjoy more sun came home and I made supper ( I got sick of seafood so this meal wasn't exactly appetizing for me, but G loved it - - he even said it tasted better than a restaurant WOOO BROWNIE POINTS FOR HIM ;) )

It was maple chili glazed salmon on top of organic greens and peppers :)

Well, I am off to let this digest, See ya's tomorrow ! xo's - Yo G

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday Friends:)

Good morning, or afternoon :)

How is everyone today ? I feel REFRESHED. I slept very well last night :) Last night after posting all of those pics I preety much was exhausted, sorry if it looked sloppy and a bad post ! Well again, does it everrrrrr feel GOOD to be back to normal routine.
I just devoured this wonderful breakfast cookie ( oats,protein powder, dark choc chips, almondbutter, almond milk, nuts, cinnamon, stevia )
Yesterday G and I did our grocery shopping at planet organic ( sometimes they are overpriced so I hunt for deals at other stores) and super store ( they have cheap organic items). We picked up a bundle of goodies! :)
organic produce (apples for green drink, oranges, bananas, strawberries, peppers, cucumbers, organic greens, spinach, carrots, pears, mangos, brocilli) some almond milk, organic pancake mix, spelt pita, organic hummus, almond butter, organic cereal, organic oatmeal, organic yogurt, organic w.w spagetti and sauce, and we stopped by the hutterite colonie to pick up some organic chicken and ground turkey..... slowly weening myself off meat altogether!

While we were grocery shopping at planet organic we got HUNGRY so we bought a quinoa vegan salad to snack on and a power cookie (both unpictured sorry) when we got home we made a green drink for some energy before the gym !

In this puppy went - ALOT of spinach, cucumber, kiwi , green apple, lemon juice, water :) - -- - - - >
While this digested we picked up some new ...

And some new - - >

And some - - ->
Wheat grass is sooo healthy and good for you. I recommend everyone try it!

At the gym I basically did a circuit workout that consisted of 30 Min's of non stop movement. I did a 10 min stretch (it felt so good) loosening up my muscles. I did lunges with weights, and walking lunges with the ball , squats, mountain climbers, skipping, used the rubber band a bit for arm workout, more skipping, burpies, and a few other exercises (note: go in the gym with a plan it is alot easier to stay on task, I didn't do this last night, and found it hard to stay focused - - -shame on me ha ha JJ)

When we got home we were I whipped up a organic stir fry for G and I

chicken, general Tao sauce, broccoli, peppers, onions on top of whole grain rice.

I was exhausted after all of this and the blog finishing so I showered, cleaned up a bit, caught up on some TV ( ha ha) and hit the hay :)

Today, is a chill day it is supposed to be 20 degrees, so I am gymn it up soon and perhaps a picnic later with G in the park :) not sure the rest of the day , going with the flow :)

See yas all in a bit bloggies

xo YOG

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back 2 Green!

Hello Bloggers:)

Happy Thursday! It is dinner time here and I am just sorting out an entire week of posts I need to put up Yikes! I was so busy while I was home it was hard to get onto the pc, so I am sorry! Buttttt, I have some GREAT eats to show you. I got groceries today (we flew in last night late) and boy, did it ever feel good to get back to organic and clean eating after being away for 7 days.

I will start off today with showing you some eats from the past few days (Please note, I did go off my "norm" of eating, but like I said everyone is entitled to cheat now and then, its life! I loved every bite :) however, I was very anxious to get back to my normal routine)

Some organic fruit (berries, pear, mango, banana) , slopped into a bowl with organic yogurt/cereal and chia seeds + half a slice of spelt pita with almond butter - - -YUM

Smoked Salmon - -(very rich, be careful salmon lovers, I got sick of this I ate to much of it due to its richness), shrimpies, scallops and a wheat grain roll :)
And some sushi :)

A feast awaits us....
We picked up some healthy stuff when we got home from our trip :)

Note : All of this food, are things I normally would not choose to eat; however, on that note, everyone is entitled to a cheat day and I always encourage people to splurge from time to time. We are human and it is normal to want to "cheat" a little, sometimes it also inspires us to get back to our normal healthy routines :)
I ate some read meat, first in a long time, but, it did me in for a LONG time. I am ready for my healthy routine again :)
< - - - deep fryed turkey ( cooked in chili oil , injected with hot sauce, my step dad is the champ of cooking this)
Well bloggies, I have to admit this post took me forever, my pictures were acting up so I am giving up at this point! I am tireddddddd. I exercised 4 times at the gym out of 7 days of my vaca ( nothing to major 30 mins of cardio and a bit of abs each day.. enough to get the heart rate up) It was a great trip I saw awesome people and was sad to leave. No place like home. I am off to bed for now friends... Nite :) xo

Monday, April 12, 2010


Hello Blog Friends,

Let me tell ya, you are all not going to be very pleased with my eating habits over the past few days... haahaha I must admit being on vacation has made G and I slack on the ol' Organic, no meat trend, BUT, on a light note, we have stayed relatively healthy.... we just consumed a bit more (wait ALOT) more than usual, because of this.. yoyo's stomach has not been happy... AT ALL. I think I am not used to all the rich foods (I had alot of seafood tonight) and it made me sick :( booo. Not going to lie I MISS MY HEALTHY GREEN DRINKS/BCOOKIE/FRUIT PLATES and more:(

I am exhausted and am horribly sorry I have not posted in the past few days, I will PROMISE to get on here asap (you know how busy vacations can be) as soon as I have some mins to upload all the GREAT foods and ... pics of the lack of exercise I have eaten and done. C you all soon friends... I am off to sleep :) xo


Friday, April 9, 2010

We made it!


I made it home! woohooo. I am sooo sorry I haven't had a chance to update yesterday, or the day before...I was on a flight the entire day before, and things have not stopped since. However, I am just waking up, eating breaky (some delicious flax flakes, banana, almond slivers and some soy milk. Tasty. We have been able to eat great so far, so were hoping to keep it up. Ill be back soon with a big update from the past few days and some great pics of eats. Can I say I loveee seafood....and HOME.. I never wanna leave :(

xo's - - -YoG

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hello Blog Friends :)

Ummmm.... Can you believe I go home in 1 FREAKING SLEEP! AHHHHH ... I am a little weee bit excited! I have been counting down for over a month now, I can't believe I leave in 13 hours for the airport ( Yes I am that excited I count down hours to). Lets just say due to the fact we've been packing, gyming, packing, stretching, drum practice, cleaning, spring cleaning....our eating habits have been as healthy as possible BUT VERY BLAND.
Before I get to that I will let you all know how yesterday went. I ended up running about 6km around my block, then came home to go through my clothes AGAIN ( I have to much I don't wear) to bring back to my 2 best friends Amanda and Justine when I go home. After I did that I polished off the Ole bottle of ...
Along side of about 1 small tsp. of Almond butter (had to limit myself.. which is hard to do since I know I am having more in a bit) with plain rice cake.... and a massive glass of water. I waited until Garett got home to make a proper meal ... or in case.. we have no food so the ghetto'ist meal ever of ... eggs ( with spinach,onion, green pepper -- - gotta get those veggies in somehow) whole grain non flour toast with almond butter/honey and cinnamon and beans... :) ghetto but good :)

After that I basically packed my bag for home, went to Costco - - love - -- went to the gym with Garett and did 10 Min's of elliptical, and 10 Min's of bike.. and LOTS of abs. Came home.. cleaned some more ( We are moving out of our place its getting to small if you have noticed a pattern of eat clean and gym ha ha) and made another ghetto meal drink - - cucumber, kiwi,water, green apple, spinach. A plate of veggies - - minus the unhealthy dressing they give you - - to be smarter substitute with your own hummus, light dressing etc. A bowl of fruit, some crunchy cereal and later in the evening a small bowl of oats with protein powder that is un pictured. Not exactly my choice of eating, but ... what can ya do ... were leaving in 1 day I say we did OK for our resources LOL.

Today I had a 1/2 cup of oats, with 1 scoop of berry protein powder, berries, and flax flakes on top with almonds. It was yummy and did the trick.
until....I hit up Planet Organic for some travel eats and saw the power cookie... yum.

I ate this, came home munched some veggies hit up drums, and now I'm writing this. I am off to make a green drink hit the gym to go swimming/steam/ sauna and then sleep before the plane! Talk to ya all soon friends - Yo G

Monday, April 5, 2010

And The Sun Is Shine'n

Hello Bloggers!

Hope everyone is having a great day so far, its still morning here in Alberta! The sun is shining and I am just gettn ready to hit the pavement for a possible 10 - 13km today ... we will see how much energy I have... my goal is to run as far away as home as I can so I know I have to come back LOL. I usually run the base trail , which is 13km but its a bit of a drive so we will see :) What is everyones plans for today?

This morning I started the day with some strawberries, banana, almond milk - - >

and some flax plus
cereal all in a giant bowl with cinnamon :) A good pre run real ... (I find oatmeal harder to digest before a run..this does the trick well).
Well guys/girls....I am off, I have to run gym clean and pack ... sigh... See yas in a bit :) xo -Yo G

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter!

Sorry for the VERY late delay. I had a busy day... of shopping and hanging out with Garett who is on days off today wooo! I was so busy I didn't get to work out today (cleaning and shopping tired me out ) I am looking forward to rippn up the streets for a good run tommorrow and killer ab/ and arm session :)
I have been slack the past few days with good meals since we are leaving in 2 days I am finding it hard to go buy ingredients, I hate to admit it but we have been going out the past few days to eat. Last Night after visiting a friend, and since I had a good leg session at the gym we were both starvvvving and opted for some vietnamese chicken pho - >

ITS SOOOO GOOD. Vermichilli noodles, chicken, cilantro, broth (the best part) , green onion, and sprouts, I put hot sauce on mine to spice it up. Its heaven. I no we try to eat organic as much as possible, and all the food we buy at home is organic, we do not let it control our lives. If we are out and about and are hungry we are going to eat...we just make the best choices that are availible to us ie: soups, salads, leans meats. The key to changing to a healthier lifestyle (for us a more vegeterian and raw) is small changes and one step at a time :)

When I got home from dinner it was 10pm and I was tired so I watched me some Desperate Housewives of OC ... its drama but I love to watch them! :) Munched some dark chocolate since it is Easter and all ;) and hit the hay!

Today I woke up and had the usual - - -- - >
1/2 cup of oats, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder,
1 banana, covered on top with some crunchy organic flax flakes and a small blob of almond butter :) I cleaned until Garett got up and then made him ...

Eggs & hot sauce with peppers(since it is Easter in all, he got the real kind though, not the chocolate ... mean gf LOL). Fruit - cantaloupe,grapes, banana, apple slices, coconut grated over top, 2 slices of no flour toast with almond butter and cinnamon honey :) He liked it. I made a small plate for myself also :)
We went to enjoy the outdoors a bit, went to west Edmonton mall and bought some summer clothes, hit up a movie and were hungry so snacked on a MASSIVE veggie tray and split a chicken and loaded veggie sub from...
It didn't beat turkey din din :( Well bloggies, I'm off to bed I'M EXHAUSTED. Tomorrow is a busy day of packing, GYMMMMM, and more. Xo's - Yo G

Saturday, April 3, 2010



How is everyone doing today ? Good I hope today has been a GREAT day (minus the lack of sleep of course). The sun is shining and I had some good tasty eats so far, and hit up the farmers market with my friend Christie to pick up some goodies so what could be better?

I picked up some free range eggs, organic cucumbers, peppers and sprout things I don't really know much about but I guess there healthy and full of protein

Yesterdays dinner which I forgot to post was somewhat of a throw together meal. Since we are travelling home next week I have been trying to use the food we have rather than buy more and it go bad... lets just say I got creative.

TUNA, ORGANIC WHOLE GRAIN BROWN RICE, PEPPERS, AND THAI SAUCE. I also munched on some veggies later, and had a green drink so I could get all my nutrients and greens for the day (sometimes I find it hard to fit all the stuff I need in one day ha ha)

So back to this morning, I started my day off with 1/2 cup of oats, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, strawberries, 1 banana, some almond/walnut slivers, and a blob of almond butter on top. Twas magical !!! It kept me full all day....

I cooked these for Garett for his breakfast when I got home from the farmers market.s ha ha - Whole wheat pancakes, organic yogurt, banana, berry protein powder stirred in the mix,almond butter and some Cinnamon honey. It was so good I Had to have a bite... or a couple. While he ate that I snacked on some
Note all my dishes are in Tupperware lately:S classy I no... I no sometimes it just does the trick better since my bowls are all massive and the portions get to large LOL
Well I am off to a friends for a bit of girls night while Garett is out with the guys for a friends birthday, I am sure to have something creative for dinner later ! See yas all tommorrow!