Hi bloggers!
My name is Yolande, and I am orginally from Saint John, New Brunswick Canada; however, I currently reside in Edmonton Alberta, Canada with my amazing boyfriend Garett. I am a 2 time graduate of college, a diploma in policing, and from a highly recognized Fire Fighting Training Academy, in addition I have my Emergency Medical Responder, and Health Care Aid II. Most recently I have made the transition of being an employee to being self employed. My dream in life is to open my own studio in the health and wellness field and to help others acheive their goals to a healthier overall life, for now I have this lil blog to share my everyday experiences with you. I have been very passionate about different work in my life but nothing more than healthy eating and exercise.

I grew up with issues in my weight, and struggled with disordered eating up until 1-2 years ago, I was the ultimate queen of "fake" sugars, low fat and low calorie ANYTHING. I found myself picking out foods that were said to be low in calories, yet still didnt understand why I wasnt at the stage I wanted to be health wise even when I worked out insanely!! I quickly came to realize I needed to start eating for HEALTH and not for weight.  Rather than eating low cal, low fat etc...I ate a more nutrition based diet. A simple way to put it, we want to fill our gas tanks (our bodies) with the best gas possible, in case, Premium - haha. I currently DO NOT count calories, and I fuel my body with only foods that have nutritional benefits. Because of this, I have maintained a healthy weight, and I haven't felt better. We both have a intense passion for healthy active lifestyles, and strive to eat the BEST.  I try to cook meals that are very healty and aim to eat fruit and veggies with each meal. I do not believe in processed foods, therefore, I try to avoid 90 percent of the grocery store). I switch our diets every so often. One week we may eat only vegan meals the other we will have chicken and fish at every meal. It varies to our activity level and what our bodies are feeling. In other words, we strive to eat as vegeterian and clean as possible. We try our very best not to have dairy (however I sometimes cave and buy yogurt) we drink almond milk which I LOVEEE! In addition, we only eat organic (unless its unavoidable, family dinners are difficult if they do not eat organic so bringing a dish of your own as a side is important, or restaurants). I only buy organic/vegan protein. Don't get me wrong I do treat myself. I treat myself everyday I just make WISER choices ie. rather than milk chocolate I choose dark chocolate, rather than chips , I bake my own pita and dip it in hummus for the cruncy texture. However I do cave sometimes and eat desert out somewhere. I am human. I often love to bake my own deserts and create healthier vesions of recipes. People often assume organic is WAY more expensive, but to be honest, its all about searching for the affordable locations and to make sacrifices. I looked for hutterite colonies, farmers markets, and lower priced stores with organic produce and it is easily affordable. I made this blog to share my experience in the "journey" of transforming my health, and to share my recipes, meals treats, and life. I hope you all enjoy :)

Yo - :)
This is what good eating and exercise can result in ;)