Friday, May 27, 2011

Shop Till You Drop

Happy Friday !

TGIF for all of you 9-5 Mon - Fri workers :) Any exciting plans this weekend?
Today began with the usual

1/4 cup of oats , 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 tbsp natural Pb, 1 tsp maple syrup, cinnamon, 1/2 banana, a few blueberries/strawberries, 1 blob of blueberry Greek Yogurt. Belly=Happy :)

Breakfast was followed by a nice walk through the river valley were I did some of this

4 words = I MISS HOT YOGA :(

I have officially shopped till I dropped 10 gazillion times this week. We have shopped everyday in some way or another. My mom and I figured we would get all the shopping out of the way so when my sister got here we could do things she wanted to do.... well low and behold she wanted to shop! So away we went and bought lots and lots of goodies :) I just got home now and took a time out to say Hi to you guys... also to post this photo of me in shoe wonderland

I need to learn to pack flip flops. I wore those wedges around the West Edmonton mall and walked around for a good 4 hours. they were not happy with me. I bought a pair of flip flops (3rd pair this week) and was GOOD 2 GO :)

I ate on the go once again :S We have been gone ALL DAY everyday... needless to say I felt like I needed some greens BAD today so I stopped and had this for lunch

A delicious Albacore Tuna Salad from a cute little place called Freshii. It contained Spinach, cucumber, tuna, green apple, tomatoes, honey Dijon dressing and almonds. hit the spot. You can get them to make exactly what you would like from a check list , or order something off there super awesome healthy menu. They even have vegan/vegeterian options! The price was also Right. AAA+ Freshii :)

Next door from Freshii was this other cute Lil healthy looking fast eatery place. I had this 2 days ago for lunch

A whole wheat wrap with tuna,spinach and avocado + alfalfa sprouts. Something about it didn't taste right, I kinda had a funny feeling in my belly after :S but the couscous salad and tomato salad were great. Freshii wins the contest as they have the nutrition info on the menu :)

Well I am off to be a lazy bum for a hour before getting ready for Mexican night tonight :) I will see you tomorrow with pics from tonight's Mexican fiesta with my mom and sis at a Mexican restaurant/club here in town. Have a great night

xo Yo

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