Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bad Bad Blogger

So I am a bad blogger. It all started with 1 week of no Internet... then I kinda fell off the bandwagon :S I had full intentions to blog as soon as I got my Internet back , but quickly became overwhelmed with everything in my day to day life that blogging was put to the back burner.... this is NO MORE! I love blogging! I read tons of health blogs every day and they inspire me in such a way I can only hope to do the same for my readers.

Quick fast update (I apologize for lack of photos I NEED A NEW CAMERA - IPhone photos make blogging more difficult for me so I am on the hunt for a new cam - any suggestions?)

-Mom is here for a visit
-went to Banff to take in some amazing scenery
-went to my cousins graduation! pics to come soon

-ate lots of amazing food!

-trying zumba and exercised daily with my mama

-shopped till we dropped & introduced mom to Lulu - verdict = she loves :)

I just thought I would stop in for a quick hello to tell you I am still here and will be back with pictures from the vacation! there is lots! I will see ya all very soon I am off to shop some more xo

- Yo

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