Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday Friends:)

Good morning, or afternoon :)

How is everyone today ? I feel REFRESHED. I slept very well last night :) Last night after posting all of those pics I preety much was exhausted, sorry if it looked sloppy and a bad post ! Well again, does it everrrrrr feel GOOD to be back to normal routine.
I just devoured this wonderful breakfast cookie ( oats,protein powder, dark choc chips, almondbutter, almond milk, nuts, cinnamon, stevia )
Yesterday G and I did our grocery shopping at planet organic ( sometimes they are overpriced so I hunt for deals at other stores) and super store ( they have cheap organic items). We picked up a bundle of goodies! :)
organic produce (apples for green drink, oranges, bananas, strawberries, peppers, cucumbers, organic greens, spinach, carrots, pears, mangos, brocilli) some almond milk, organic pancake mix, spelt pita, organic hummus, almond butter, organic cereal, organic oatmeal, organic yogurt, organic w.w spagetti and sauce, and we stopped by the hutterite colonie to pick up some organic chicken and ground turkey..... slowly weening myself off meat altogether!

While we were grocery shopping at planet organic we got HUNGRY so we bought a quinoa vegan salad to snack on and a power cookie (both unpictured sorry) when we got home we made a green drink for some energy before the gym !

In this puppy went - ALOT of spinach, cucumber, kiwi , green apple, lemon juice, water :) - -- - - - >
While this digested we picked up some new ...

And some new - - >

And some - - ->
Wheat grass is sooo healthy and good for you. I recommend everyone try it!

At the gym I basically did a circuit workout that consisted of 30 Min's of non stop movement. I did a 10 min stretch (it felt so good) loosening up my muscles. I did lunges with weights, and walking lunges with the ball , squats, mountain climbers, skipping, used the rubber band a bit for arm workout, more skipping, burpies, and a few other exercises (note: go in the gym with a plan it is alot easier to stay on task, I didn't do this last night, and found it hard to stay focused - - -shame on me ha ha JJ)

When we got home we were I whipped up a organic stir fry for G and I

chicken, general Tao sauce, broccoli, peppers, onions on top of whole grain rice.

I was exhausted after all of this and the blog finishing so I showered, cleaned up a bit, caught up on some TV ( ha ha) and hit the hay :)

Today, is a chill day it is supposed to be 20 degrees, so I am gymn it up soon and perhaps a picnic later with G in the park :) not sure the rest of the day , going with the flow :)

See yas all in a bit bloggies

xo YOG

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