Saturday, April 3, 2010



How is everyone doing today ? Good I hope today has been a GREAT day (minus the lack of sleep of course). The sun is shining and I had some good tasty eats so far, and hit up the farmers market with my friend Christie to pick up some goodies so what could be better?

I picked up some free range eggs, organic cucumbers, peppers and sprout things I don't really know much about but I guess there healthy and full of protein

Yesterdays dinner which I forgot to post was somewhat of a throw together meal. Since we are travelling home next week I have been trying to use the food we have rather than buy more and it go bad... lets just say I got creative.

TUNA, ORGANIC WHOLE GRAIN BROWN RICE, PEPPERS, AND THAI SAUCE. I also munched on some veggies later, and had a green drink so I could get all my nutrients and greens for the day (sometimes I find it hard to fit all the stuff I need in one day ha ha)

So back to this morning, I started my day off with 1/2 cup of oats, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, strawberries, 1 banana, some almond/walnut slivers, and a blob of almond butter on top. Twas magical !!! It kept me full all day....

I cooked these for Garett for his breakfast when I got home from the farmers market.s ha ha - Whole wheat pancakes, organic yogurt, banana, berry protein powder stirred in the mix,almond butter and some Cinnamon honey. It was so good I Had to have a bite... or a couple. While he ate that I snacked on some
Note all my dishes are in Tupperware lately:S classy I no... I no sometimes it just does the trick better since my bowls are all massive and the portions get to large LOL
Well I am off to a friends for a bit of girls night while Garett is out with the guys for a friends birthday, I am sure to have something creative for dinner later ! See yas all tommorrow!

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