Monday, April 5, 2010

And The Sun Is Shine'n

Hello Bloggers!

Hope everyone is having a great day so far, its still morning here in Alberta! The sun is shining and I am just gettn ready to hit the pavement for a possible 10 - 13km today ... we will see how much energy I have... my goal is to run as far away as home as I can so I know I have to come back LOL. I usually run the base trail , which is 13km but its a bit of a drive so we will see :) What is everyones plans for today?

This morning I started the day with some strawberries, banana, almond milk - - >

and some flax plus
cereal all in a giant bowl with cinnamon :) A good pre run real ... (I find oatmeal harder to digest before a run..this does the trick well).
Well guys/girls....I am off, I have to run gym clean and pack ... sigh... See yas in a bit :) xo -Yo G

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