Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hello Blog Friends :)

Ummmm.... Can you believe I go home in 1 FREAKING SLEEP! AHHHHH ... I am a little weee bit excited! I have been counting down for over a month now, I can't believe I leave in 13 hours for the airport ( Yes I am that excited I count down hours to). Lets just say due to the fact we've been packing, gyming, packing, stretching, drum practice, cleaning, spring cleaning....our eating habits have been as healthy as possible BUT VERY BLAND.
Before I get to that I will let you all know how yesterday went. I ended up running about 6km around my block, then came home to go through my clothes AGAIN ( I have to much I don't wear) to bring back to my 2 best friends Amanda and Justine when I go home. After I did that I polished off the Ole bottle of ...
Along side of about 1 small tsp. of Almond butter (had to limit myself.. which is hard to do since I know I am having more in a bit) with plain rice cake.... and a massive glass of water. I waited until Garett got home to make a proper meal ... or in case.. we have no food so the ghetto'ist meal ever of ... eggs ( with spinach,onion, green pepper -- - gotta get those veggies in somehow) whole grain non flour toast with almond butter/honey and cinnamon and beans... :) ghetto but good :)

After that I basically packed my bag for home, went to Costco - - love - -- went to the gym with Garett and did 10 Min's of elliptical, and 10 Min's of bike.. and LOTS of abs. Came home.. cleaned some more ( We are moving out of our place its getting to small if you have noticed a pattern of eat clean and gym ha ha) and made another ghetto meal of....green drink - - cucumber, kiwi,water, green apple, spinach. A plate of veggies - - minus the unhealthy dressing they give you - - to be smarter substitute with your own hummus, light dressing etc. A bowl of fruit, some crunchy cereal and later in the evening a small bowl of oats with protein powder that is un pictured. Not exactly my choice of eating, but ... what can ya do ... were leaving in 1 day I say we did OK for our resources LOL.

Today I had a 1/2 cup of oats, with 1 scoop of berry protein powder, berries, and flax flakes on top with almonds. It was yummy and did the trick.
until....I hit up Planet Organic for some travel eats and saw the power cookie... yum.

I ate this, came home munched some veggies hit up drums, and now I'm writing this. I am off to make a green drink hit the gym to go swimming/steam/ sauna and then sleep before the plane! Talk to ya all soon friends - Yo G

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