Monday, April 12, 2010


Hello Blog Friends,

Let me tell ya, you are all not going to be very pleased with my eating habits over the past few days... haahaha I must admit being on vacation has made G and I slack on the ol' Organic, no meat trend, BUT, on a light note, we have stayed relatively healthy.... we just consumed a bit more (wait ALOT) more than usual, because of this.. yoyo's stomach has not been happy... AT ALL. I think I am not used to all the rich foods (I had alot of seafood tonight) and it made me sick :( booo. Not going to lie I MISS MY HEALTHY GREEN DRINKS/BCOOKIE/FRUIT PLATES and more:(

I am exhausted and am horribly sorry I have not posted in the past few days, I will PROMISE to get on here asap (you know how busy vacations can be) as soon as I have some mins to upload all the GREAT foods and ... pics of the lack of exercise I have eaten and done. C you all soon friends... I am off to sleep :) xo


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