Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back 2 Green!

Hello Bloggers:)

Happy Thursday! It is dinner time here and I am just sorting out an entire week of posts I need to put up Yikes! I was so busy while I was home it was hard to get onto the pc, so I am sorry! Buttttt, I have some GREAT eats to show you. I got groceries today (we flew in last night late) and boy, did it ever feel good to get back to organic and clean eating after being away for 7 days.

I will start off today with showing you some eats from the past few days (Please note, I did go off my "norm" of eating, but like I said everyone is entitled to cheat now and then, its life! I loved every bite :) however, I was very anxious to get back to my normal routine)

Some organic fruit (berries, pear, mango, banana) , slopped into a bowl with organic yogurt/cereal and chia seeds + half a slice of spelt pita with almond butter - - -YUM

Smoked Salmon - -(very rich, be careful salmon lovers, I got sick of this I ate to much of it due to its richness), shrimpies, scallops and a wheat grain roll :)
And some sushi :)

A feast awaits us....
We picked up some healthy stuff when we got home from our trip :)

Note : All of this food, are things I normally would not choose to eat; however, on that note, everyone is entitled to a cheat day and I always encourage people to splurge from time to time. We are human and it is normal to want to "cheat" a little, sometimes it also inspires us to get back to our normal healthy routines :)
I ate some read meat, first in a long time, but, it did me in for a LONG time. I am ready for my healthy routine again :)
< - - - deep fryed turkey ( cooked in chili oil , injected with hot sauce, my step dad is the champ of cooking this)
Well bloggies, I have to admit this post took me forever, my pictures were acting up so I am giving up at this point! I am tireddddddd. I exercised 4 times at the gym out of 7 days of my vaca ( nothing to major 30 mins of cardio and a bit of abs each day.. enough to get the heart rate up) It was a great trip I saw awesome people and was sad to leave. No place like home. I am off to bed for now friends... Nite :) xo

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