Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter!

Sorry for the VERY late delay. I had a busy day... of shopping and hanging out with Garett who is on days off today wooo! I was so busy I didn't get to work out today (cleaning and shopping tired me out ) I am looking forward to rippn up the streets for a good run tommorrow and killer ab/ and arm session :)
I have been slack the past few days with good meals since we are leaving in 2 days I am finding it hard to go buy ingredients, I hate to admit it but we have been going out the past few days to eat. Last Night after visiting a friend, and since I had a good leg session at the gym we were both starvvvving and opted for some vietnamese chicken pho - >

ITS SOOOO GOOD. Vermichilli noodles, chicken, cilantro, broth (the best part) , green onion, and sprouts, I put hot sauce on mine to spice it up. Its heaven. I no we try to eat organic as much as possible, and all the food we buy at home is organic, we do not let it control our lives. If we are out and about and are hungry we are going to eat...we just make the best choices that are availible to us ie: soups, salads, leans meats. The key to changing to a healthier lifestyle (for us a more vegeterian and raw) is small changes and one step at a time :)

When I got home from dinner it was 10pm and I was tired so I watched me some Desperate Housewives of OC ... its drama but I love to watch them! :) Munched some dark chocolate since it is Easter and all ;) and hit the hay!

Today I woke up and had the usual - - -- - >
1/2 cup of oats, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder,
1 banana, covered on top with some crunchy organic flax flakes and a small blob of almond butter :) I cleaned until Garett got up and then made him ...

Eggs & hot sauce with peppers(since it is Easter in all, he got the real kind though, not the chocolate ... mean gf LOL). Fruit - cantaloupe,grapes, banana, apple slices, coconut grated over top, 2 slices of no flour toast with almond butter and cinnamon honey :) He liked it. I made a small plate for myself also :)
We went to enjoy the outdoors a bit, went to west Edmonton mall and bought some summer clothes, hit up a movie and were hungry so snacked on a MASSIVE veggie tray and split a chicken and loaded veggie sub from...
It didn't beat turkey din din :( Well bloggies, I'm off to bed I'M EXHAUSTED. Tomorrow is a busy day of packing, GYMMMMM, and more. Xo's - Yo G

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