Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Weekend :)

I am VERY overdue on posting! I apologize :S With G being banged up ( he tore his MCL and maybe his ACL :s ) I am left to be superwomen and sadly blogging got put to the back burner this week as I had to cook, clean, work , workout and take care of us both since he is still immobile :( Fingers crossed he heals up soon as I may have had one or to minor breakdowns due to overwork and stress LOL. When all else fails two things that ALWAYS make me feel better



I started practicing hot yoga after Christmas and have been hooked ever since. I used to get bored in regular yoga classes and often felt distracted and could never stick to it, but this my friends is a Triple A+ ... if you have yet to try it it is a for sure MUST! :) Running has been my love for almost 6 years now. I try to get in a run a few times a week , at least five - ten km :) A few other fitness Faves are my beloved pole dancing - I no longer do weights because of my arm strength developed from advanced pole tricks as well as boot camp type workouts - burpies, squats, jumping lunges etc :) Switching up your workout routine is key , I find that something different every day works for me :) Different strokes for different folks , but one thing is for sure, if you focus on the same routine everyday your body eventually gets used to it and you most likely will plateau, so switch it up friends and get that heart rate up :)

Some recent eats for the past week have been

Pre yoga snack - Steddie Eddie toast with natural PB side of fruit , salad organic tomato soup/grilled chicken and taters, beloved oats <3 Green drink ( green apple, kiwi, spinach, lemon juice, cucumber ,water )
avocado pine nut chicken salad with a Dijon vinaigrette - DELICIOUS! and lastly, Corn tortillas with black beans, organic brown rice, chicken salsa + a bit of cheese and a small salad :) yum!

These were just a few eats from the week, I promise to be a better blogger this week! I just finished hot yoga and devoured a bowl of oats before you could say Go! :) I am full bellied and ready to go for the day :) I am off to Costco and a few other stores to pick up some baking goods for a friends pot luck tomorrow, I promised I would bake something vegan and healthy :) See yas all later with an update! Have a great Easter Weekend, I hope you all have a terrific holiday and enjoy time with friends or family.

Love YoG

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